Release date: March 5, 2015 (Holland, world premiere FAME Amsterdam)


01. Living For Love
02. Devil Pray
03. Ghosttown
04. Unapologetic Bitch
05. Illuminati
06. Bitch I’m Madonna (with Nicki Minaj)
07. Hold Tight
08. Joan Of Arc
09. Iconic (with Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson)
10. HeartBreakCity
11. Body Shop
12. Holy Water
13. Inside Out
14. Wash All Over Me

Media Markt Edition (Germany only)
15. Auto-Tune Baby

Deluxe Edition
15. Best Night
16. Veni Vidi Vici (with Nas)
17. S.E.X.
18. Messiah
19. Rebel Heart

SuperDeluxe Edition
01. Beautiful Scars
02. Borrowed Time
03. Addicted
04. Graffiti Heart
05. Living For Love (PAULO & Jackinsy Full Vocal Mix)
06. Living For Love (Funk Generation & H3dRush Dub)


  • Rebel Heart was released on March 6, 2015
  • On November 28 2014 the Avicii demo to Rebel Heart leaked in full on the internet as well as another full track ‘Wash All Over Me’
  • The reception to the tracks was overall positive, especially the track Rebel Heart was hailed a surefire new number one for Madonna
  • Unfortunately it didn’t take long before more demo’s leaked onto the internet, forcing Madonna and the record company to change their release plans
  • Although planned for a March 2015 release and the first single ‘Living For Love’ planned for a Valentines day release. Madonna released the album for pre-order on ITunes on December 20 with the first six songs available for download and reveal of the album artwork
  • Three separate editions of the album were released: standard version, deluxe version and the special edition, all three came with a different cover
  • Madonna chose not to go with the Avicii demo’s for Rebel Heart and Wash All Over Me on the final product and different versions were officially released
  • The hacker from Israel who hacked the cloud of Madonna’s management and selling the demo’s (thus leading them to leaking onto the internet) was arrested and charged
  • The music video to Living For Love premiered on Snapchat including a short making of
  • Madonna made her first promotional appearance at the 57th Grammy Awards where she performed Living For Love
  • She performed Living For Love at the Brit Awards, making it her second promotional appearance of the promo tour. The choreo and intro was changed from her Grammy performance. Unfortunately she couldn’t untie the Armani cape she wore in time, leading her to falling down the steps of the bull ring stage causing a media frenzy (‘the fallen Madonna’ etc. etc.)
  • She continued her UK promo with an interview and performing at the Jonathan Ross show, here she revealed that she actually landed on her head during the fall at the Brit Awards and absolutely refused to watch the performance. She performed a new choreo and new mix of Living For Love as well as Ghosttown
  • In Italy Madonna was a guest at Che Tempo Che Fa, she sang Ghosttown and for the first (and only) time chose to sing Devil Pray. She was interviewed and being handed yellow flowers of which M simply did not know how she felt about that
  • She continued her promotional tour in Paris on March 2, 2015. She was a guest at Le Grand Journal and was the chief editor of the show. The interview was going to focus on Madonna’s political views as well as Rebel Heart. She was in a happy mood and very chatty. She performed Living For Love and Ghosttown (the latter had to be done twice as she was not pleased with the first take). The interview followed and M was surprised by Luz from Charlie Hebdo attending
  • After the taping of the show Madonna agreed to do a meet & greet backstage. She first met up with the Le Grand Journal team and after that met up with fans who won through a competition, as well as with the MadonnaUnderground team. To read the report click HERE.
  • Madonna was Ellen’s guest for a week and while she was actually ill, she performed Living For Love, Ghosttown, Joan Of Arc (first and only time) and Dress You Up with Ellen. She sat down for interviews as well and joked around with Justin Bieber
  • She performed Ghosttown on the iHeart Radio Music Awards with Taylor Swift on guitar
  • A teaser of Ghosttown was available to view on Tidal, the video was set to premiere on Meerkat, unfortunately things did not go as planned and it did not premiere there
  • Madonna performed Bitch I’m Madonna on Live With Jimmy Fallon, sat down for an interview and did some stand up comedy. The live performance was such a huge success that a video to Bitch I’m Madonna was recorded
  • Bitch I’m Madonna became Madonna’s most succesful video to date with over 100 million views, getting VEVO certified
  • Unfortunately Bitch I’m Madonna was not released as a single in many countries such as in Holland
  • Hold Tight became the official third single in Italy, in France both Bitch I’m Madonna and Devil Pray were released as a single


Photo’s: Mert + Marcus / Slam Photography (Le Grand Journal)
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Le Grand Journal + Meet & Greet

March 2 2015 Paris

Kimberly van Pinxteren

Le Grand Journal + Meet & Greet

March 2 2015 Paris

Hans Schaft

Le Grand Journal + Meet & Greet

March 2 2015 Paris

Living For Love

Rebel Heart


Bitch I’m Madonna