Confessions on a Dance Floor

Release Dates:

November 10, 2005 (world premiere FAME Amsterdam)
November 11-15 2005 rest of the world


1. “Hung Up” Madonna / Stuart Price / Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus 5:36
2. “Get Together” Madonna / Anders Bagge / Peer Åström / Price 5:30
3. “Sorry” Madonna / Price 4:43
4. “Future Lovers” Madonna / Mirwais Ahmadzaï 4:51
5. “I Love New York” Madonna / Price 4:11
6. “Let It Will Be” Madonna / Ahmadzaï / Price 4:18
7. “Forbidden Love” Madonna / Price 4:22
8. “Jump” Madonna / Joe Henry / Price 3:46
9. “How High” Madonna / Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg / Henrik Jonback / Bloodshy & Avant 4:40
10. “Isaac” Madonna / Price 6:03
11. “Push” Madonna / Price 3:57
12. “Like It or Not”


  • In New York Madonna made a surprise appearance at Roxy where tracks of the new album were being played. She got up to the stage and danced while inviting two fans to dance with her
  • Madonna started her European promotional tour in Lisbon during the MTV Awards. Hung Up was performed live and she emerged from a giant disco ball
  • The promo tour traveled to London where Madonna was a guest at Parkinson. She performed Get Together (for the very first time) and Hung Up plus sat down for an interview. It was here that she sang a bit of ‘Tell The Truth’ the first song she ever wrote
  • On November 5 Madonna was a guest at Wetten Dass in Mannheim Germany. Madonna repeated the same choreography as performed at the MTV Awards. After the routine she spoke with Thomas Gottschalk
  • Madonna officially released Confessions on a Dance Floor on November 15 in KOKO in London. Fans only were allowed in if they had won tickets through competitions, were on the guestlist or had queued outside for their wristbands and tickets. The tiny venue only held a small amount of people so these were HOT tickets. Fans got their exclusive ticket and wristband at 11am and were asked to write down their names and addresses. Fans were then told by Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary that Madonna had personally invited all 200 of them to attend the exclusive premiere of I’m Going To Tell You A Secret later that month
  • The performance at KOKO was broadcast live on the web, Madonna performed Hung Up, Get Together, I Love New York, Let It Will Be (Paper faces remix) and Everybody
  • Madonna performed at Star Academy in France, singing Get Together and Hung Up
  • On November 18 she was a guest at Children In Need at the BBC Studio’s in London. Of the many acts she was the very first to perform. Madonna could only stay for 20 minutes, she first performed Get Together followed by Hung Up and a short chat. There were only fund raisers and children in the audience. Tickets were not for sale
  • November 19 marked the date of a historic Madonna performance at G-A-Y. Fans either got tickets through a contest organized by the venue or were in the queue since early morning day of performance. The entry to the event was 20GBP. Her gig started late that night and in a mind blowing hot pink outfit she performed one of her greatest promotional gigs ever. It was the same setlist as played at KOKO, only adding a part of the track ‘Jump’ near the end
  • Madonna continued her promotional tour in Japan
  • ‘Hung Up’ was Madonna’s biggest hit in Holland to date, spending seven weeks at the top spot
  • In Holland it was Peter van der Vorst who traveled to London to interview Madonna for the show ‘Pulse’. Yours truly attended the live taping of this show and were interviewed on Madonna and views on his interview with her
  • After Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together and Jump were released as singles. Warner Music had rooted for ‘Push’ to be a single
  • The album was premiered in music store FAME in Holland on November 10 2005 with a giant fan party and an early sale



Confessions on a Dance Floor promo tour

Wetten Dass – KOKO – Children in Need – G-A-Y

Kimberly van Pinxteren

Hung Up

Confessions on a Dance Floor


Get Together