Release date: April 21 2003 (Holland)


01. American Life
02. Hollywood
03. I’m So Stupid
04. Love Profusion
05. Nobody Knows Me
06. Nothing Fails
07. Intervention
08. X-static Process
09. Mother and Father
10. Die Another Day
11. Easy Ride


  • Madonna promoted ‘American Life’ on tour with a performance for MTV titled On Stage & On The Record, five songs were performed (American Life, Hollywood, Nothing Fails, X-Static Process and Like a Prayer), it was the first time since the Blond Ambition Tour that she performed the latter
  • Madonna exclusively performed in Tower Records in New York for people with a wristband, here she performed Like a Virgin instead of Like a Prayer. After the performance she was scheduled to do a signing, unfortunately halfway Madonna got up and left. More than half of the people were still waiting outside. This led to many disappointed fans. To make up for things all of them received a signed X-Static Process book. Unfortunately the books were signed by the late Caresse Henry who was Madonna’s manager at the time
  • Madonna started her European tour in Cologne Germany at a special TV show called Absolut Madonna. Tickets for this were available for sale by phone for only 15EUR each. Madonna performed 3 songs: American Life, Hollywood and Music, after that she was interviewed by host Oliver Geissen
  • During the taping of the show there was a miscommunication. After singing American Life Madonna was ready to perform the second song. Production thought the interview was up next, so after speaking to Madonna (who seemed annoyed) she finally got to perform the second and third song
  • In London she performed at Jonathan Ross, tickets were only available through a lottery. She sang American Life, Hollywood and Don’t Tell Me live, she also sat down for an interview
  • On May 2nd she exclusively performed in the tiny CD:UK studio in London. It was a special dedicated Madonna only recording and 200 fans got to attend this exclusive gig. She performed American Life and Hollywood and in between joked around with the fans. Here she confirmed that she was going on tour in 2004
  • In Paris Madonna performed an exclusive gig for only a couple of French fans at La Cantine Du Fouborg, tickets were only available through competitions
  • She was also a guest at TV show La Chanson Nr. 1 where certain acts performed her songs. She herself performed: American Life, Hollywood and Music
  • In London she performed Hollywood at TOTP 
  • On May 9 she performed a gig in HMV in Oxford Street in London. Fans had to queue outside to get a wristband. In the center of the store she performed her set and included Mother and Father and Like a Prayer
  • At the MTV Awards Madonna opened the show with a bang, being a groom she got up from a giant cake (reflecting on her first ever MTV Awards performance of ‘Like a Virgin’) and danced with her two brides Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The kiss with Britney made headlines all of the world, the fact that she also kissed Christina was hardly mentioned
  • American Life is considered to be one of Madonna’s lowest selling albums, but is a definite fan favourite
  • She worked with French producer Mirwais on this production
  • She pulled the original video for ‘American Life’ (directed by Jonas Akerlund) as she felt it was wrong to release it at the verge of America going to war
  • After American Life, Hollywood, Nothing Fails and Love Profusion were released as singles. Nobody Knows Me was released to clubs only on a promotional 12″ vinyl

Die Another Day

American Life

American Life (single)


Into The Hollywood Groove

Nobody Knows Me

Nothing Fails

Remixed & Revisited

Love Profusion