Madonna performed the short version of the show starting at 11pm last night. Right after the Cabo Verde interlude right before ‘Batuka’ the electricity went out, no music, no lights. Right after about 2 minutes lights went back on and Madonna came out and started to explain that the stage is actually not big enough for her show leading to many technical difficulties. 

To try and perform still she sang ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis with Gaspar, after that taking request and trying to sing ‘La Vie En Rose’ but saying she forgot the lyrics. After around 15 minutes the show continued and Madonna asked the fans to come near the front, which obviously they did. Security tried to stop them, but Madonna pursued them to come forward. Regretting this during the beer bitch moment as no one wanted to back down anymore. 

Polaroid sold for 2000EUR to another fan from Germany, so she commented on the fact that the French don’t have money? Beer bitch was a guy from the U.K.

According to fans much better energy than previous night.