Madame X started the show again around the clock of 10pm and finished around 00.30am. The show hasn’t been changed and despite the knee injury M is still climbing the stairs throughout the show, dancers lending a helping hand.

The show was filmed again and two camera’s were placed on both sides of the stage, two at the rear of the theater and two more moving through the crowd. Madame X wasn’t entirely satisfied with the filming of the first night and ordered more material. The next show will possibly be filmed as well. They weren’t booked until this past Saturday so it wasn’t scheduled previously. 

There wasn’t as much merchandise as expected (as let’s say in the pop up shop), but here are some of the prices:

  • 30 EUR programme
    35 EUR Lisbon t-shirt
    30 EUR bottle
    15 EUR patch

Stay tuned for more updates coming live from Lisbon with many thanks to our team members Fred and Dave