This Tuesday, in the late afternoon, the Coliseu dos Recreios street in Lisbon had even more traffic than usual. The reason? Madonna The American artist took the stage of the Lisbon room for another concert of the tour of “Madame X”, album that the “queen of pop” released in June 2019 and was influenced by Lisbon, her “foster home”.

“Welcome to the world of Madame X,” Madonna says in a recording before the red curtains of the playground coliseum open. “There will be nothing between us tonight,” he adds at the start of the second concert in Lisbon.

And the initial promise is honored: After hundreds of concerts over decades in big halls around the world, Madonna is more intimate than ever – in interviews and on social networks, the American artist has confessed that she wanted to risk being closer to the fans. It’s a unique opportunity to see one of the biggest music stars in a small room. As the cliché says, close to each and every one.

At every concert of this tour, Madonna’s commitment is always the same: it offers an intimate and unique artistic experience. And maybe that’s why mobile phones are forbidden – at the entrance of the Coliseu dos Recreios, fans have to put their smartphones in sealed bags.

The album “Madame X” is the protagonist of all concerts and this Tuesday was no exception. Similar to what has been going on throughout the tour, Madonna kicked off the show with “God Control”, one of the strongest themes of her latest album and where the artist leaves some thoughts on the state of democracy, the direction of the United States. and gun control.

The shows of Madonna’s current tour are perhaps the most political of her career – like “Madame X”, the concerts are intense and full of strong messages that the singer wants to get echoed.

After “God Control,” Madonna continued her trip to “Dark Ballet,” with the singer leaving a number of strong messages, which were engulfed in beats that gained momentum every second. In between, there’s a kind of ‘break’ with piano and distorted voices that transported audiences into a fantasy and futuristic world.

After two themes, the audience already felt totally inside Madame X’s universe, Madonna’s “home”, a very Portuguese “home” – Lisbon, where Madonna moved in 2017, is in the soul of the concert and all His experiences in the Portuguese capital were transformed into songs and inspired the creation of the tour.

“You can’t imagine how long you waited for this moment, for this return to Lisbon to show you what inspired me here,” shot Madonna.

On the third theme, the first trip to the past with “Human Nature”, from the album “Bedtime Stories”. On stage at the Coliseum of Playgrounds, Madonna turned the 1994 single into a confession, ending up surrounded by a dozen women, including her daughters Stella and Estere.

After introducing her daughters, Madonna gave the word Stella, who shouted “Hashtag #TimesUp!”, Deserving a big ovation. Then Madonna, with her daughters and a choir sang a cappella “Express Yourself”.

Before following a trip through the alignment, and while preparing behind a mirror, the singer talked to the audience and ventured an anecdote. “What do you call a man with a small penis?” He asked. “Donald Trump,” shouted several voices from the audience. “I wish that was the answer, but I have nothing to prove it. The answer is: I don’t know why I never had to call a man with a small penis,” he joked, ending the joke by saying “c *** lho” in Portuguese.

The lineup was followed by “Vogue”, “I Don’t Search I Find” and “American Life”, which served as a soundtrack for another trip to the pop queen’s past. to auction off a photograph taken on stage with a polaroid – a fan offered a thousand euros for the photographic record (the amount will be donated to an institution).

After “American Life,” the stage curtains of the Coliseum of Playground closed and “Mary, Mother of Jesus” was heard as a group of dancers carried a coffin. Shortly thereafter, the side doors of the room opened and the Batukadeiras Orchestra entered through the crowd and took to the stage for the theme “Batuka”, stamping one of the highlights of the night.

After the party with the Cape Verde drummers, Madonna remembered a little of her coming to Lisbon and remembered Celeste Rodrigues. On stage with Gaspar Varela, great-grandson of the Portuguese fado singer, the artist ventured to sing a few lines of “Fado Bargain” – judging by the applause, the challenge was successfully overcome.

The theme in Portuguese was the motto to “open” your fado house on stage. Between tiles and coffee tables, Madonna featured “Crazy”, the theme of her latest album, and traveled back to the past with “La Isla Bonita”, which featured a few extra lines about a fado house.

Besides the scenery and constant references to Portugal, during the tour concerts, Madonna also pays tribute to Cesária Évora. At Tuesday’s concert, the ‘queen of pop’ had Dino D’Santiago with her for the theme song ‘Sodade’, which was sung with one voice by the audience and with considerable echo.

Already after dancing and cheering the crowd with “Medellin”, Madonna did what she probably never had the opportunity to do throughout her career: get off the stage and sit in the audience to talk to a fan. This Tuesday, the privileged was Ben from Germany.

After the conversation, the singer returned to the stage for “Extreme Occident”. This was followed by “Frozen”, one of the most applauded themes of the night, “Come Alive”, “Future” and “Crave”. The three themes of “Madame X” paved the way for “Like a Prayer”, which was celebrated triumphantly by all fans and served as Madonna’s first ‘goodbye’.

A few minutes later and with the audience asking for “just one more”, Madonna returned to the stage for “I Rise”, theme that is part of the last album. In communion with the public, the artist descended from the stage and traveled the entire central corridor to the exit of the Coliseu dos Recreios.

Even after Madonna’s ‘goodbye’, the cheers rang for long minutes. The first comments began to be exchanged shortly thereafter and “unique” was one of the most heard words in the hallways of the Coliseum.

For about two hours and 40 minutes, Madonna surprised and intimately revealed the world of “Madame X” – having the ‘queen of pop’ so close is something many fans couldn’t imagine in their best dreams.

Song after song, the singer surrenders to be closer to everyone, yet is one of the biggest stars of the song. And every detail – scenery, costumes, lighting fixtures and alignment – helps build the perfect ambience.

Throughout her career, Madonna has never shied away from risking it. The concerts of “Madame X” are further proof of this and are at the same time a testimony of her glory and madness – because it is in her difference that Madonna finds her greatest asset.

Auto translated from SAPOMAG