Last but not least to re-introduce to you is Hans Schaft the co-founder of MadonnaUnderground. Hans is a professional photographer (the photo of Madonna sticking out her tongue was taken by him) and is responsible for the greater part of the scans in our extensive discography



Favourite Album: Erotica

Favourite Song: Over and Over (live)

Favourite Tour: Too difficult to choose 😂 all tours are special but if I really have to pick one it would have to be MDNA Tour (New York November 13 she was on fire)

Favourite Look: True Blue/ Who’s That Girl

Favourite Movie: Who’s That Girl, have seen it over 80 times and know every line by heart

Favourite Music Video: Vogue

Favourite VHS: The Virgin Tour LIVE!, my first ever VHS and completely devoured it

Favourite DVD: Swept Away underrated film and oh so funny

Favourite Laserdisc: Blond Ambition Tour Nice (Pioneer)

Favourite artwork: True Blue

Favourite item in collection: Dutch withdrawn Pepsi promo CD for  “Like A Prayer” by Vrumona

When did you became a fan?: July 13 1985 Live Aid, have seen the performance countless times

First time you saw Madonna live: Rotterdam August 25, 1987 Who’s That Girl Tour, all the way in the back of the stadium. Until this very day I still get the chills when hearing the opening chords to “Open Your Heart”

Favourite Madonna memory: meeting Madonna at Hard Candy Fitness in Berlin where she signed my arm 

How many times have you seen Madonna:

2x Who’s That Girl tour Rotterdam
8x Blond Ambition Tour (2x Paris,1x Turin,1x Dortmund, 3x London, 1x Rotterdam)
2x Girlie show London
1x Drowned world tour London
7x Re-Invention Tour (1x London 2x Paris, 2x Arnhem, 2x Lisbon)
1x G-A-Y COADF promo gig London 
12x Confessions Tour (4x London, 1x Berlin, 1x Düsseldorf, 2x Amsterdam, 4x Paris)
1x live Earth 2007 London
1x promo show Hard Candy Paris
8x Sticky and sweet 2008 ( 1x cardiff, 1x Berlin, 1x Düsseldorf, 1x Frankfurt,1x Amsterdam, 2x Paris, 1x London)
5x sticky and sweet 2009 ( 2x London, 1x Manchester, 1x Paris, 1x Belgium)
13x MDNA tour (2× Barcelona, 2x Berlin, 2x Amsterdam, 1x Cologne,1x Brussels, 1x Paris, 1x Birmingham, 1x Paris showcase, 2x New York)
12x Rebel Heart tour (2x Cologne, 2x Berlin, 2x Amsterdam, 2x London, 2x Paris, 1x Antwerp, 1x Glasgow)
1x Madame X tour London

Your role in MadonnaUnderground: co-founder, photographer, discography, behind-the-scenes

Favourite releaseparty in FAME/Concerto: Hard Candy release party, everything was on point, we had a great time

Favourite MadonnaUnderground memory: the two meetings with Madonna and photo passes to the live shows, unforgettable and precious moments

Final thought/comment: 15 years of Madonna underground have gone by in the blink of an eye. I remember the day we started to built this website like it was yesterday. Not as involved anymore as I used to be, but still active and working on Madonna’s discography