Despite reports of Madonna’s upcoming “Rebel Heart” tour underselling, it is actually making her very rich even by multi-millionaire Rockstar standards. Read on to find out how.

She might be having troubles of the heart in her wooing of her destructive relationship with Sean Penn, but at least she has piles of money to comfort her. According to this NY Post article, Madonna’s 10th worldwide tour is underselling but the truth is far from it.

Turns out, with this tour Madonna has become the artist with the most expensive tour, surpassing Fleetwood Mac in 2015. Her show in Las Vegas is the most expensive show ever sold, for a whopping $945.

Her show in Paris actually sold out in 5 minutes. Aside from Edmonton and Turin, she is doing more shows in all three cities.

She has even surpassed Taylor Swift’s “1989” World Tour by a margin $150 per ticket. Swift’s album, by the way, is this year’s third best-selling album.

Don’t forget that this tour comes with bundled with sales from her album, also entitled “Rebel Heart.” The album topped charts in Canada, UK and Australia, debuting number 2 on Billboard top 200. The British are loving it so much it sold its competitors there by a ratio of 3:1 within a day of release. In fact, it has sold 650,000 copies worldwide.

Madonna is already one of the best-selling artists in the world, in the elite league of $250 million above sales. In fact, she is only bettered by the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis.

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