Madonna is a very well-known artist and she always creates content that is out of the box and loved by everyone.

Madonna’s new song video drops tomorrow!

Madonna’s new song’s video is going to drop tomorrow morning at 9 am EST on Refinery29 website. Madonna took to Instagram and shared a short glimpse of her new Batuka video. She also mentioned how excited she is for the release of her new video.

What is Madame X?

“World of Madame X” is a short documentary of Madonna which details the release of her new album ‘Madame X’. The documentary is an overindulgent exercise.

Madame X is her 14th album that has been released in June. This album is a testament for her affinity for taking on new characters and traits within her work. In the film as well as in the music video which are of her album, Madonna takes on multiple personas that suit her different moods accordingly!

All about her new album

The character of Madame X becomes extremely catchy because of the changing identities. Under the greater auspices of “bringing light to new places”, in Madonna’s words, Madame X is, “a dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, a saint, a whore” and, “a spy in the house of love.”

What is the film actually about?

Her film was shot in Lisbon, Portugal. This place is the central source of inspiration for Madonna’s latest release. Madonna narrates that she moves to the city to become a soccer mom. And her latest record is born which influences most of the musical traditions of the city. Among them are the fado and Cape Verdean styles such as morna and funaná. However,  throughout the film, the influence feels more like Madonna’s way to reinvent herself and less like a source of inspiration.

Madonna’s experience in Portugal is an appropriate metaphor for the “World of Madame X” project as a whole. This film gives little weight to the subtle difference of taking on new personas and sounds in the scope of the artist’s work. Madonna is simply doing what Madonna wants to do only with a little thought given to relevancy or her role as an artist.

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