New in our Filmography, going back to October 1986 when Madonna started filming ‘Slammer’ later to be retitled to ‘Who’s That Girl’ as Nikki Finn. To this day, Who’s That Girl remains one of Madonna’s most well known movies. Even though at the time it wasn’t a big hit at the box office, it is still considered one of Madonna’s more ‘popular’ movies.

We have gathered a lot of rarities from our own collection in his extensive online Who’s That Girl gallery:

  • A ton of rare memorabilia including: original used cell and sketches from the animated intro, original premiere invite in New York, official lifesize display, 8mm video, screener video, rare foreign releases, unique presskits and rare Japanese promo cassette
  • loads of magazine and newspaper articles scanned, including some very early reports where they still called the movie ‘Slammer’
  • Videos! The original music videos to the singles Madonna released off the offcial soundtrack (Who’s That Girl, Causing a Commotion, The Look Of Love) and premiere in New York videos
  • View the original trailer
  • Buy the movie and soundtrack at either Amazon or iTunes

Enjoy reading all about Nikki Finn in Who’s That Girl….stay tuned for Hortense Hathaway in Bloodhounds of Broadway