Four years in the slammer for a crime she didn’t commit haven’t dampened Nikki Finn’s spirits, nor her determination. The spunky parolee sets out to clear her name, and sets the Big Apple spinning in deliriously funny ways that have everyone asking “Who’s That Girl”?

As Nikki, Madonna displays all her talents, singing four terrific songs (Causing A Commotion, Look of Love, Can’t Stop and the smash hit title tune) from the top selling soundtrack album “Who’s That Girl”. Griffin Dunne co-stars as a Yupper-class Mr. Mild Time who encounters life changing wild times when his straight and narrow path leads him to zany Nikki and zanier escapades ‘Who’s that girl’. It’s not a question.

It’s an answer if you’re looking for fun and music filled entertainment with a screwball twist!


  • Release Date: August 7, 1987
  • Directed by: James Foley
  • Madonna as Nikki Finn

Who’s That Girl (OST)

Who’s That Girl

Causing a Commotion

The Look of Love