Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is peachy keen, jellybean!

The 17-year-old hit the stage over the weekend in her New York City high school’s production of “Grease.” She was a cast as Rizzo — a major role memorably played by Stockard Channing on the big screen in 1978. (Lourdes shared the part with another student during the multi-show run.)

The Material Girl’s eldest daughter “smoked cigarettes, chugged wine, and got boy crazy” as the most rebellious, sarcastic, and quotable member of the Pink Ladies in the LaGuardia High School show, reported the New York Daily News. She also showed off her dance moves, grooving to ’50s tunes in front of the ensemble cast, and singing voice, belting out solos including “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” and “There are Worse Things I Could Do.”
The brunette teen looked remarkably like her famous mother as she danced on stage in a black dress with polka dot detailing and red shoes.

Speaking of mom, Madonna was in the audience for Friday’s performance, bringing her three other children — Instagram lover Rocco, 13, David, 8, and Mercy, 8. During intermission, Madge, who brought Lourdes a bouquet of flowers, stepped outside the auditorium and was seen standing next to a wall playing with her phone. After the show, she left with the aspiring thespian, who still had on her stage makeup.

In the program, the teen, who goes by Lola, gave a shout out to her mother and father, personal trainer Carlos Leon, who also took in the show. Her bio said: “She would like to thank her parents for giving her guidance and love and supporting her passions wholeheartedly.”

This is Lourdes’s last year at the prestigious public school, which was made famous by the 1980 movie “Fame.” It was there that she met her boyfriend, “Homeland” alum Timothee Chalamet, though next year she’ll be shoving off to college.

Late last month, Madonna and Lourdes visited University of Michigan, the school the “Like a Virgin” singer briefly attended before moving to New York and hitting the big time. While on campus, they checked out the School of Music, Theater and Dance, making it quite obvious where Lourdes’s passions lie.

Well, as the song goes, there are worse things she could do …