3. “Me Against the Music” Featuring Madonna

“Me Against the Music” is one of Spears’ earliest collaborations and she knocked it out of the park, getting Madonna — the Queen of Pop herself — to sing on the track and record a music video for the song.

The song was featured on Spears’ In The Zone album, which was released in 2003. According to the New York Daily News, it was Spears’ idea to get Madonna on the track, which ended up being the first single of Spears’ fourth studio album.

“She’s like my godmother. When I’m around her I feel very safe, and there are few people I feel that way around. And she’s friggin’ Madonna!” Spears told the outlet.

Of course, who could forget the kiss-heard-round-the-world at the MTV VMAs that aired a few months before the song was released?!

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