How did you become Billboard’s number one remixer for Madonna?

My first Billboard #1 Remix was for Kristine W (“Love Is The Look”) in 2009. I had released my debut original artist single in 2007 with Chus and Ceballos’ Stereo Productions. I’ve been remixing and producing ever since and have remixed dozens of records for many different artists including working with Nelly FurtadoTimbaland and Deborah Cox. The goal has always been to get on one of the top pop records in the world, and my favorite pop artist has always been Madonna, so when the opportunity finally came beckoning to work on the #1 pop album in the world, it just so happened to be Madame X and I could not have been more thrilled.

The album made such a deep connection with me and my life in 2019. I don’t know how it worked out so perfectly but I really feel like it was meant to be. I remixed “Medellin” first, but got it done just a few days too late for her approval, so I skipped remixing “I Rise” and began working on “Crave” immediately so that I’d have enough time to get it done the way I wanted and submit it on time.

My “Crave” remix became the first mix to get approved by Madonna on “Crave” so I was really delighted and personally felt really accomplished. The record went multi platinum and #1 on Billboard as well as #1 worldwide, so it is a career highlight for sure. The song also related perfectly to what I was going through at the time. I was in a really difficult relationship with someone who was “very dangerous for me to crave”, which is exactly what the song is about! I also had multiple connections back to Madonna and the album, as some of my closest friends also worked on that album and tour with her, so it was just a really amazing, humbling and reflective experience. My Madonna story is a good one and its rather long, I suggest listening to my interview with MLVC: The Madonna Podcast for anyone who wants the full story with all the juicy backstage and behind the scene anecdotes. 

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