We’re starting off Madonna’s x-rated era with the film: Body Of Evidence.

Madonna starred as Rebecca Carlson along Willem Dafoe, the movie received a lot of negative reviews due to many people comparing it to the previously released ‘Basic Instinct’. Not only that but Madonna was completely nude and oh shocker anyone was allowed to do that but Madonna (goes without saying).

It was a difficult time for Madonna, but the world thought she deserved it due to sex overkill. How funny when we now look back on this era and everyone agrees that Madonna was way ahead of her time? That her book SEX was absolutely brilliant and broke various boundries…..

We have added some more newspaper ads and articles to ‘Body Of Evidence’ for you to check out.

Dita is just around the corner, but there is so much stuff of her ‘scandalous’ era that it will take us a while….stay tuned!