Bedtime Stories turns 25 today. 
The last album that came out while I was still living at home with my parents. My teenage room was full of posters and I remember how happy I was to find some Bedtime Stories images to put on the wall. My local record store also gave me some promotional cubes.
I couldn’t stop listening to the album, even though the R ‘n B sound is not really my thing I still absolutely loved the album. Still love it today even though it’s not in my top list anymore. 
Secret was a great lead single but Take a Bow stole my heart. Great song and fantastic video, she looks stunning in it.  When I was not busy at school, I was glued to the VCR. Didn’t miss one single episode of MTV news. So many great Madonna items around that time. The Making of Take A Bow, Bedtime Story Pyjama party and don’t forget Wetten Dass and the instant classic Brit Awards performance of Bedtime Story.
This was also the year that I was struggling more and more with my coming out. The song Survival gave me strength. My loneliness couldn’t be described better than in Love Tried To Welcome Me, still a big fan of that song.
I have really good memories of this album. 
Happy Birthday Bedtime Stories!!
Dave Crombeen