5) Bedtime Story By Madonna Production Cost: $5,000,000

Madonna entered the limelight in the early 80s and by the mid-80s she had already started causing waves for being sassy and confident. Well, her sassiness paid off as she is popularly referred to as the queen of pop.

Madonna has never been average and she proved that by having one of the most expensive music videos in the 90s. With a production cost of $5,000,000, the video acted as promotional for her album which eventually paid off

4) Express Yourself By Madonna Production Cost: $5,000,000

Thirty years later after its production, this music video is one of the most talked-about music videos in the industry. At the time,1989, the world had not yet embraced the freedom of expression and this contributed to Madonna’s music being heavily criticized due to its provocative nature.

Despite the heavy criticism from conservative Americans, Madonna was highly praised for flipping gender norms and being a voice for female empowerment

2) Die Another Day By Madonna Production Cost: $6,000,000

Madonna has always been extra which contributes to her unending charm and it’s no surprise that she spent a whopping $6,000,000 in one of her music videos. Madonna never spares any expense when producing any of her music videos but with the Die Another Day music video she went all out.

The song was inspired by the James Bond franchise and special effects had to be used in the music video to convey realism.

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