…’Even Madonna, who presented dancer and protégé Lil Buck with an award, remarked at the interesting mix. “This is really weird. Only for you [Lil Buck],” said the megastar, who delivered a charming, yet quirky speech. “The light is strange here because I can’t see my speech. I’ll just stand here and you can guess what I’m thinking. ‘I wish I had more Champagne. I wish the podium was shorter. I wish I had eaten dinner and I don’t have that shaky feeling I have right now.’ OK, comedy over.”

But the comedy was just beginning. Equating Lil Buck to her “little brother,” she then instructed the audience when to applaud.

“I’ll show you when there are applause moments. I can see you need help. This is a museum audience,” she deadpanned. “Applause moment.”

Her antics continued, as she talked to Lil Buck and audience members. “How did I meet you at a Smirnoff contest? That’s pretty weird. I think you should put your phone down, sir,” she said, then continued her monologue about how she discovered Buck.

“Everyone knows I have an affinity for dancers — that’s not an applause moment,” she laughed, before the dancer came to the stage, wowing the crowd with a heartfelt acceptance speech and a dance performance that drew a standing ovation.

Taken from an article by WWD