Music makes the people come together, but Madonna won’t be requesting her own songs from Mr. DJ anytime soon.

“I hate my music!” the icon told ET Canada in an upcoming interview. During a segment on the 55-year-old’s exercise regimen, host Roz Weston asked about the best Madonna song for working out. Her reply may shock fans.

“I’m sick of it – like turn it off!” she exclaimed.

Of course, the Material Girl was exaggerating: Madonna clarified that though she loves her work, she’s grown weary of hearing it play over and over again. Given her more than 30 years in the business and constantly evolving style, it’s hard to blame the pop star for wanting to keep things fresh.

Still, that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate different takes on her tunes.

“Remixes are good!” said Madonna, who recently collaborated on a mash-up with Miley Cyrus for MTV’s Unplugged. “Remixes of my music are good because they reinvent them.