Madonna live for the very first time!

Through a friend of my sister we managed to get tickets for Madonna’s first show in Holland, in De Kuip in Rotterdam. So no waiting for the post office or sitting behind the computer hoping that it wouldn’t crash. No just a phone call from someone who wanted to ask if we felt like going to the show. My sister and me didn’t need to think it over, this would be our first big concert and we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t really have any material to know and there was no internet. Lovely, being spoiler-free and attending a show, whether you liked it or not.

When the day arrived we anxiously went to Rotterdam. Not in the early morning to queue, but not until 17.00 as we were seated on the tribune. After two hours of driving we arrived at the stadium around 19.00 and we got to pick up our tickets. We then bought the tour book and went to find our seats in the stadium, they were a bit disappointing, we were in section W which was a bit far from the stage. But still we were given the tickets, so I was still grateful for being there. Thankfully I brought a telescope so we could still see Madonna nearby. Including a beautiful overall view of the stage, which usually disappears when you’re in front of the stage that is why nowadays I book one show seated and one standing.

At 7.30pm the support act started, The Force MD´s. This wasn’t what we came to see, but setting aside one slow jam it was doable mainly due to the raps and human beat boxes.

A little before 9pm the show started, that was the time in the days, nowadays we can be thankful if she starts around 10pm. Open Your Heart started and there were chills all over, everyone went nuts. Of course the vocals weren’t that great, but who came to only listen to that? Weren’t we here to see a show? Unfortunately there was a slight drizzle here, which she sometimes addressed during the show. My highlights were: White Heat, Causing a Commotion, Where´s The Party, Into The Groove, Who´s That Girl & Holiday.

Around 11.15pm the show was over only to find my way back home with 45000 other fans. This caused a few delays. Way past midnight I arrived back home, knowing I needed to get up early the next day for my first day of school. If I remember correctly this was the year where I didn’t pass….don’t know if this was due to the concert memories or not….anyhow we will never know. One thing is for sure: Madonna has stuck with me ever since!

Amon Gouw