Welcome to the brand new version of our website! We (Kimberly, Hans, Onno & Eric) have worked extremely hard behind the scenes in getting this together on time. Everything that could be found on the old website has been transferred and transformed onto this new website, everything is brand new and all of the sections have been improved. To make sure the site was easy to access and easy to browse through, we wanted to make it a website that provides you with everything you need and want to know about Madonna. We also made the choice to focus on publishing everything in the English language as most of our visitors come from the US. We did keep our live reports in both English and Dutch though.

We are still working on it, so it still is not finished, it might be that you miss a section (will be put back asap) and are working on new sections as we speak. We literally have thousands of pages still waiting to be scanned for new additions to the website, so there is a lot more in store for you!

We hope you enjoy the brand new version of MadonnaUnderground, please take your time to browse through every single section and menu item.

Stay tuned for lots and lots more to come!!