Madonna promised to put on a spectacular performance at the Billboard Music Awards last night and she didn’t disappoint.

The Queen of Pop performed her new single Medellín live for the first time with Maluma. In typical Madonna style the performance was a huge production and she continues to set the bar high. Watch it below:

Performing alongside holograms of herself in her various Madame X guises, Madonna was joined by Maluma on an impressive set that saw them dancing in the street, in a bar and through the audience.


The performance came to an end with Madonna, Maluma and a series of dancers doing a conga line around a stage in the middle of the audience with the Madame X holograms around them.

Medellín is the first single from Madonna’s upcoming Madame X album, due for release on 14th June 2019. The song has been picking up widespread critical acclaim since its release and that live performance is sure to help it shoot up the charts.

Yesterday Maluma announced the release of his new album 11:11 on 17th May, which will feature a new collaboration with Madonna.

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