To celebrate the 30th anniversary legendary choreographer and director Vincent Paterson was so kind to share a memory and photo of the Blond Ambition Tour with MadonnaUnderground.

Vincent Paterson choreographed and directed the Blond Ambition Tour and was responsible for the ‘Marie-Antoinette’ homage performance of ‘VOGUE’ at the MTV Awards in 1990. Not only that but he was also responsible for choreography credits for “EVITA” starring Madonna, for which she won a Golden Globe.




‘The Blond Ambition Tour was one of the most exciting projects I have ever choreographed and directed. We opened in Japan on a hideously rainy night but Madonna and company performed their hearts out. We opened in Texas on my birthday, May 4. Madonna had a cake made for me and sang “Happy Birthday!” Here she is cutting me a piece. Love to everyone…stay safe and stay in until this insanity is over!!!!

Vincent Paterson


A massive thank you to Vincent Paterson for sharing this rare photo and memory.
Please don’t use without permission.