Today we attended the press preview for the Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artist 25 years in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. The expo was simply mindblowing, please read my full report below and check out our special dedicated page with A TON of pictures HERE.

Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 years is a brand new exposition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. What does this have to do with Madonna one might wonder, besides the fact that both are fashion icons. Viktor&Rolf created Madonna’s costumes for her Tears of a Clown benefit show at Art Basel in Miami December 2016. Madonna wore two outfits that evening designed by Viktor&Rolf and both are presented at this exposition.

Thierry-Maxime Loriot is the curator of this incredible feast for the eyes. Third time’s a charm. The very first time we met up with Thierry-Maxime it was for the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier ‘From the Sidewalk To The Catwalk’ expo. Second time we got to hang with not only the genius photographer that is Peter Lindbergh, but also iconic supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Lara Stone and Milla Jovovich. The photographic exposition by Peter Lindbergh was absolutely fantastic. Now for the third time we are back at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam with Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 years. To honour the fact that Viktor&Rolf have been fashion artists for the past 25 years this celebration of their work has been transformed into a journey of fantasy.

Today we attended the press preview of this exposition that will be open to audiences from May 27 until September 30, 2018. We learned during the Q&A that this exposition is different from the one previously seen in Australia, much grander and special. This celebration is not a commercial exposition, but it is exceptional in its originality ‘a celebration of their friendship’. What makes Viktor&Rolf so unique is their way of experimenting, in their own words ‘doing things their way’. They don’t argue much, except for the temperature in the car. Originally only one costume of Madonna’s Tears of a Clown show was part of the exposition, but Thierry-Maxime Loriot just recently flew to New York to borrow the other suit from Madonna’s private collection.

When I asked Viktor&Rolf about their costume design for Madonna, they told me that she was very specific in the details, she knew exactly what she wanted. When they worked on the costume, they had different fabrics but only presented the one costume Madonna wore for the benefit show (there are no other variations).

Upon visiting the exposition for the very first time you’ll find yourself thinking your name might have been changed to Alice as you’re suddenly walking through Wonderland. The costumes are of incredible detail, the fabrics are stunning, there are actually no words in my vocabulary to describe what you will be seeing. Besides the fact that you get to see Madonna’s worn costumes in person, you can’t help but be amazed by the greatness of it all. Every single costume displayed tells a story, stories that wind up sucking you in completely. When you think you have seen it all, you walk on and stumble upon even more impressive haute couture. This is an exposition that has to be seen in person in order for you to really experience it. Pictures (even though we tried) absolutely don’t do these creations justice.

Seeing is believing!


Kunsthal Rotterdam
May 27 – September 30