EXACTLY 278 days, 22 hours and 44 minutes after she dominated international headlines with her unfortunate fall at the Brits, MADONNA returned to London’s O2 Arena last night.

And it was an absolute triumph – the world’s undisputed Queen of Pop reigns.

Seconds into the first night of her Rebel Heart UK tour, the Brits incident was forgotten – and this time she whipped her cape off without a hitch after opening numbers Iconic and B****, I’m Madonna.

What followed was a masterpiece in live performance.

There was no backing band necessary as she rocked out on the electric guitar to Burning Up, only stopping to rip her trousers off.

Her religious iconography was as strong as ever too. I won’t forget her pole dancing on a crucifix to Holy Water with a squad of nuns in hot pants in a hurry.

This was Madge at her uncompromising best, demanding her male and female crew members strip topless before heading straight into a version of True Blue with her playing the ukulele.

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