We are coming to the end of the rehearsal period. Soon it will be time to take off the training wheels and turn the reins over to you the audience. Everyday a new element of the show is locked in. Rehearsal costumes are replaced with the real thing,video content is added, the dancers and choreographers are “cleaning” for hours. I have been in rehearsal since May – 3 months. To put it into perspective the average rehearsal period is 1 month max. Does that say how much she cares? We have laughed,worked insane hours, fought, made up and repeated the cycle. Artistic people are very passionate. We are at the point now where some of our co workers and contributors have done all they can and it is time for them to move on to the next project. It’s part of the process. I will miss the rehearsal period but I am so grateful we have the tour to look forward to. I can’t wait to see the expressions and reactions from the audience. As I look over the photographs from the last few months I can only remember the good things. And it reminds me that even on the roughest of days there will come a time that I will wish I could do it all over again! I am so proud of this show. Sept 9th – Montreal we are coming for you Rebel Hearts.