Timor Steffens was a guest in RTL Late Night tonight and explained to host Humberto Tan, his relationship with Madonna.

“I met Madonna in New York during the SecretProjectRevolution launch where we worked together and became friends, I also became friends with her children”, “I was invited to go on a skiing trip with them in Gstaad, and attended the afterparty by Valentino with them, we have become really good friends as we share the same interests.”

The so called ‘romantic dinner’ in Rotterdam was nothing but a dinner shared as friends. “We’re very close, we talk to each other, yes we did go out to eat in Rotterdam but as friends, just like you would go out for dinner with friends”.

“She’s busy with various projects that she needs dancers and choreographers for, and that is what we discuss. I even showed her a video of my choreography of this show (MJ tribute, vrienden van Amstel live) and asked her opinion, I also showed her a video of Waylon (Dutch artist). How I speak to her, is how I speak to you now, she just became a really good friend of mine”

RTL Late Night