Timor Steffens (26) was the subject of every media source worldwide due to his supposed relationship with Madonna (55). The dancer denies that there is something going on between them, but admits they click. ‘She appreciates it when somebody tells it like it is’.

The guy from Schiedam claims they’re just friends. ‘It is reality for me to hang out with her, but I get it that for everyone else it is quite exciting. She is the Queen of Pop, a living legend. But we’re just really good friends, despite the stories. We did not spent the night in a hotel together or on a boat. Crap! I have, now that I am in Holland for a performance at de Vrienden van Amstel Live, my own hotelroom and that is where I sleep.’

The two friends were spotted in Rotterdam, only increasing the flow of rumors. According to Timor they had a business meeting. ‘So she stopped by. I am a social individual, I say what I think and I stay true to myself. Artists such as Madonna have enough people to kiss their ass around them. They appreciate it when somebody just tells it like it is.’

Role model

The dancer continues: ‘I am a grown man, mentally we’re in sync. We worked together on her last project and clicked. We often discuss how the world is obsessed with the differences between people, instead of focussing on the similarities. She tries to connect people and a woman of her level has that power. As my name is being mentioned more often lately, I am getting more and more the status of a role model. We discuss how to handle that.’

The single Timor constantly hears the wildest rumors on his life. He couldn’t care less. ‘At the start of my carreer everyone called me out to be gay, because I dance and pay a lot of attention to my looks. All that matters is that I know that I am not gay. Living the life as an entertainer, it is quite hard to maintain a relationship with a girl’

Translated from: Algemeen Dagblad