He snapped Madonna before she was even famous thanks to an introduction from Boy George.

And Tina Turner loves his photographs so much she’s got personal copies on top of her grand piano at home.

British photographer Dave Hogan has even achieved the seemingly impossible – making feuding siblings Liam and Noel Gallagher smile, side my side, for the camera…

Over the course of a 40-year career which has seen him travel the world with rock gods and Hollywood greats, Hogan has become almost as famous to the stars he photographs, as they are to the rest of us.

From Sir Paul McCartney to The Rolling Stones, and the Spice Girls to Beyonce, there are few showbiz legends he hasn’t captured on film – and who don’t ask for him when they want a special moment immortalised.

Now a snapshot of his twinkling portfolio is to go on show in a new exhibition, Hogie’s Heroes, at London’s The Trafalgar St James from Thursday.

A number of iconic prints have also been signed by the icons themselves, and will be available to buy via an online auction from February 18th, with all proceeds going to charity.

Here, he recalls the stories behind some of his most memorable shots.