M has been posting various lyrics from songs throughout her career on Instagram. Whether she is teasing them because they are included in the setlist for the Rebel Heart Tour, is simply teasing and they don’t mean anything or she’s going through various stages of her carreer and putting them together with a song.

We do know that Steven Klein has shot a video this past weekend with M, and M posted a shot of her in a dress very similar (is it the same?) to the one worn to the ’91 Academy Awards. Is she addressing iconic moments from her entire career and including it in her new show?

Mike Tyson already revealed that he recorded a video for Iconic in an interview (TVLINE), so will Iconic be an interlude or will it open the show?
All we know is that the teasers are a lot of fun and we hope to see many more! This is a recap of the songs M has been teasing on Instagram:

-Who’s That Girl
-True Blue
-Jimmy Jimmy (but later deleted)
-Dress You Up
-Deeper and Deeper
-Body Shop
-Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
-Justify My Love
-Devil Pray
-La Isla Bonita
-Into The Groove
-Like a Virgin
-Unapologetic Bitch
-Holy Water
-Between the bars