Let’s take a look at the official promo cd’s for Madonna’s (first) three singles off Rebel Heart.

Living For Love was the official first single, loads were pressed mostly to be handed out during release parties and as giveaways.Ghosttown and Bitch I’m Madonna have been pressed by the same company that pressed Living For Love commissioned by Madonna’s management and record company in the US.

Ghosttown and Bitch I’m Madonna have been pressed in limited quantities, but both are genuine (and not DJ pressed cd’s). Due to the many homemade ‘promo’ cd’s on ebay it’s hard to find a genuine product.

Universal Music/Interscope is known to press it’s own promotional cd’s per country (as is the case in Holland, where they create and print their own promotional cd’s, not working with the official USA promo cd’s).

Warner Music NL mostly did use both the official German and USA promo cd’s and did not print their own (Revolver was a Benelux only promo cd).