The infamous moment Madonna appeared on Letterman
Credit: YouTube

Before Madonna became British, she made an iconic potty-mouthed appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, an infamous occasion that took place on this day in 1994. 

The superstar wanders onto the set looking like the love child of a Hollywood golden era actress and a New York CBGB’s punk and greeted David by calling him “the man who has his finger on the pulse of total strangers”. Letterman, responding, said: “I’m only here because there isn’t a Knicks game, let’s not get excited.”

The pair then proceeded to talk about Madonna’s apparent love of basketball, but it quickly ran aground and ventured into the murky territory of ball games of a different kind. The diatribe of swearing and innuendo that followed was, in fairness, prompted by a pretty rogue and inappropriate comment from Letterman whereby he yelled, “Go kiss a guy in the audience!” stating that it would make his day. 

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