Remember the good old days of queuing for Madonna concert tickets? Things have changed drastically in the past few years.

In the ‘good ol’ days’ spending a night outside in front of the postoffice was a regular thing to do, as you knew if you were first in line, you had the best chance to get the best seats in the house.

The craziest ticket sale I have ever experienced was for the Re-Invention Tour in 2004 in Arnhem. After spending a night outside and getting the first tickets, we went home without knowing a second date would be added. When we found out we rushed back but it was sold out. Thankfully we got to take tickets that weren’t picked up, however when the lady arrived and she found out we had her tickets she slapped my boyfriend.

The pictures below were taken for the Confessions Tour ticket sales. We spent an entire night in front of a postoffice in Purmerend, a man that was drunk kept on harassing us throughout the night so we had the call the police.

Thankfully in the morning we got our tickets, and this time we waited for the second date announcement. After getting our tickets we went to visit the record fair in Utrecht, needless to say we were extremely tired!

But Madonna has always been MORE than worth it!DSC01688 Madonna Ticket 03-09-2006 madonnaoptreden Voorverkoop 08-04-2006