The Confessions Tour was professionally filmed for the DVD release on August 15, 2006 in the Wembley Arena. Because of the scheduled filming the very front row of the floor had been reserved for the camera crew. However, they found out they didn’t need the extra space and due to demand the front row tickets were sold just a few hours before the show was about to start!

Can you imagine our faces when we went up to the ticket booth to ask the lady if she had some good tickets left for tonight’s show, and she responded with ‘yes, front row’. Our credit card had never been handed over more quickly. We experienced one of the greatest nights as Madonna gave it her all that night. Most of the footage on the official DVD release is from the August 15th show. You can even see the flash of our camera during “You Thrill Me” when Madonna poses with dancer Jason.

We took some of our greatest pictures that night. We have updated and enhanced 63 of them for you to view HERE