After London we traveled to Dusseldorf Germany to attend our fifth show of The Confessions Tour in 2006. This was the first show without assigned seats so it was time to queue! The queuing ended in a complete and total nightmare. Not only were we soaked by the pouring rain throughout the day, but the organisation used caution tape to divide the rows of people. Of course once the infamous ‘rush’ started, the tape was torn and people were suddenly on our backs. 

As we were crushed against the one gate separating the crowd from the ticket-check, we managed to throw ourselves over the gate and security even helped us get up. Once we finally got inside we never even realized that Madonna was in the midst of her soundcheck, until we heard a very familiar voice telling the people inside the arena to ‘shut up’ as this was not the show. While still trying to catch our breath, Madonna (who was obviously not in the best of moods) continued to rehearse “Future Lovers” and “Get Together”.

Once the show got on she was able to smile a lot more (check out our “Like a Virgin” photographs) but there was little to no response when she addressed the crowd, so at one point she asked “Do you speak English?”. Madonna clearly wasn’t having her best night, thankfully things were looking up once she got to Hannover for the next show.

Check out our updated and enhanced photographs of the day in Dusseldorf HERE