The Confessions Tour August 16, 2006 marked Madonna’s birthday show! A very special event for obvious reasons. This was the third show in a row to be filmed for The Confessions Tour DVD.

Our night started out different as we couldn’t locate our seats inside the Wembley Arena, they simply didn’t exist. We were told by staff to go back outside to the ticket booth (with a huge queue) and inquire there what to do. We already purchased drinks and stuff and now we were back where we started. The queue wasn’t moving so after some research we were led to a different window. Apparently it was a well known issue and we were upgraded to catwalk seats! I did get into a bit of an argument as the lady wouldn’t let me take the drink that I purchased inside, back into the arena…..

Madonna’s birthday was celebrated by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her with Donna and Nicki right after ‘Let It Will Be’. The 41 photographs of this show that we have enhanced for you to view, are not quite as good as the previous dates mostly because catwalk seats meant getting crushed and fighting to keep your spot…..

Check them out HERE