Why She’s a Video Icon: Ascending to era-defining supremacy shortly after MTV itself, Madonna’s high-concept videos – which channeled old Hollywood while paving a provocative visual path into the future — were an integral part of her ever-changing image and the meticulous control she exercised around it.

The MTV Classic: The satirical “Material Girl” and controversial “Like a Prayer” are equally impactful, but the David Fincher-directed “Vogue” – with its life-affirming alchemy of old-school glamour, ball culture choreography and sumptuous cinematography – stands as her finest visual moment.

Worth YouTubing“Open Your Heart,” with its playful subversion of the male gaze via an art deco peep show, is an early and effective distillation of her endlessly analyzed, celebrated, vilified and imitated take on sexuality and ownership. — J. Lynch

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