SINGAPORE: She is the queen of pop, multiple Grammy Award-winner, children’s book author, philanthropist and soccer mom. Now add beauty guru to the list of Madonna’s titles.

This May, her premium MDNA SKIN line will finally arrive in Southeast Asia, exclusively at Singapore’s Takashimaya’s beauty hall. The comprehensive range of daily use and specialised products was originally developed for her personal use; but, as with her music, it had a greater calling: To “give good face” to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or gender.

That’s if you have S$1,000 and then some to spare.

That’s the price of the MDNA SKIN Rejuvenator Set – S$940 to be exact. It buys you a magnetised beauty wand (a device that looks like a sleek fancy sex toy) and a clay mask.

That’s just two items in the line-up of nine products that start at S$70 for a facial cleanser.

Quite a pretty penny, if you want to have Madonna’s skin when you too are pushing 60. Except she doesn’t plug it as such. There is no shout-out of the term “anti-ageing”, even though the products do that – they all promote “radiance, clarity and vitality”, words synonymous with youth.

Instead, MDNA SKIN is about pro-skin health: Taking good care of your skin, which is something Madonna is extremely passionate and disciplined about. Strip the products of its celebrity cachet, and at the core of its DNA is nature harnessed by science. Madonna’s partner in this venture is MTG, a recognised pioneer in the Japanese beauty care industry (it also makes ReFA rollers and Inbeaute beauty gadgets).

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