Madonna performed the second and final London show of her Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 leg on July 5th at the O2. Right before the show was to start Jonas Akerlund and entourage was escorted to the front row by Guy Oseary. A little while later actor Ethan Hawke joined him in the front row with two little children. Ethan Hawke was not a bad sight, not a bad sight at all! 

Madonna was enjoying herself once again performing the show. This time she was requesting for people to take off their shirts during “La Isla Bonita” but demanded for them not to be thrown at her, which people still did of course. A few songs into the show newbie Lady Gaga was brought to the front row by Guy Oseary and shoved in between the people already standing at the barriers. She fistpumped her way through the show. 

Check out 75 updated photographs of this show in our new gallery HERE. The guy in the front with the beret on, is Ethan Hawke.