Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour premiered in Cardiff on August 23, 2008. Only two years after The Confessions Tour Madonna was back on the road to take on what was probably the most physically demanding show of her carreer. 

Surprisingly there weren’t a lot of people queuing up days prior to the event as we’d expected. We were treated to the full soundcheck the night before, which was obviously a huge spoiler but we couldn’t resist staying outside the stadium to listen. It was obvious then that a lot of classics had been re-invented once again. The biggest treat was listening to “You Must Love Me” and the new version of “Like a Prayer”.

On the premiere date when the Hot Ticket holders were finally let in, we were first being kept in the hallway before we were allowed to enter and find a good spot near the stage. Honestly when Madonna treated us to exactly the same entrance as performed on her Hard Candy promo shows, I was disappointed. By the end of the show we all had mixed feelings as this show was such a departure from the theatrical shows she’s known for. However, she must have done something right as it became her highest grossing tour to date.

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