The second date of the Sticky & Sweet Tour we attended was the show in Berlin. Once again not a lot of people were queuing up and it was fairly easy to get a good spot for entrance. People holding Hot Tickets gained early entry. The crowd was very relaxed, there was no pushing and one could easily go and do their business on one of the Dixi toilets on the floor of the stadium. 

Madonna got on stage at 9.15pm and performed a spectacular show. She wore a pink colored outfit for the second section and dedicated “You Must Love Me” to Seymour Stein, who was in the audience. This show was miles away from the one that premiered in Cardiff, she was much more at ease and seemed to be enjoying herself. From what I could see the Berlin crowd seemed to be having a great time during the show. 

Madonna kept happily posing for pictures as you can view in our updated and enhanced photo gallery. View 75+ photographs of the Berlin show now HERE