4. Madonna’s audience seat mates were plants. For the “surprise” duet, Madonna got up from a seat in the audience to join Miley on stage. The people who sat beside the singer walked in with her when she was seated, and walked out when she left for both takes. They were probably assistants or studio team members coached to feign utter shock for the cameras and to provide a safety buffer for the pop icon.

5. The Miley-Madonna butt grab? That was choreographed. When Madonna hit the stage for their mashup of “Don’t Tell Me”/”We Can’t Stop,” Miley gave Madonna’s behind a good squeeze. They shot the duet twice and butt-grabbing was had at the exact same moment. Before the second take, Madonna called out, “We’re just gonna have to be even nastier.” And it was. The moment just might be this decade’s version of the Britney-Madonna kiss.

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