Many people queued up overnight to be one of the first to buy a copy of the incredibly gorgeous pink vinyl re-issue of Madonna’s Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits EP. While in the UK true die-hards started queuing from eight o’ clock the day before, here in Amsterdam it depended on the store you planned to visit. Some stores had a lot of visitors while at others there was no queue at all.

The Like A Virgin re-issue was very popular and sold out quickly, the one copy per person rule was completely ignored at most stores with a lot of fans walking away with more than one copy.

While doing some questioning around, we found out that Like A Virgin was one of the more popular items at Record Store Day, most had received 4-10 copies per shop. Record Palace in Amsterdam had only one copy left when the clock hit 09.30. Remember that only 750 copies of this record have been distributed to the Benelux!

For the serious collectors among us, there is a European (Made in EU) and USA edition (no ‘made in’ on the back and different barcode).

Happy Record Store Day!