Short writeup of the show:


-ICONIC – big opening with video and M in a cage, warrior style (similar to DWT SFH)
-Bitch I’m Madonna – warrior
-Burning Up – on guitar
-Holy Water / Vogue – pole dancing nuns – last supper theme (on altar)
-Messiah – interlude with dancer
-Bodyshop – on a car
-True Blue – slowed down on guitar
-Deeper and Deeper – party, original version!!
-Heartbreak City – stairs come down
-Love don’t Live here anymore – on stairs too

She seems to be wearing quite a few clothes for a while now, she looks really good with her roots showing

-Like a Virgin – just M on stage alone having fun, shaking fans’ hands
-S.E.X. – interlude
-Living For Love – as TV promo
-La Isla Bonita – similar to original
-Dress You Up – gypsy, similar to original – medley
-Into The Groove – gypsy medley
-Everybody – gypsy medley
-Lucky Star – gypsy medley
-Who’s That Girl – acoustic on guitar (slow)
-Rebel Heart – on guitar
-Illuminati – interlude a la Cirque du Soleil
-Music – in cabaret with heavy beat
-Candy Shop – cabaret, original version
-Material Girl – in wedding dress
-la vie en rose – guitar (crowd goes nuts)
-Unapologetic Bitch – album version, gets Diplo on stage
-holiday – original version

Thanks to Jochen Vanhoudt for the updates!