Despite the extra security, things moved very fast at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp and gladly people made it inside safely. Despite previous reports by Sportpaleis people were allowed to bring in small handbags but they were obviously thoroughly searched. The Sportpaleis was packed!! So much for the everlasting negative Belgian press stating that Madonna can’t sell out venues anymore. It was the most crowded floor I have seen so far with barely any space to walk around.

DJ Lunice started his set and to be fair, was this really a DJ set or was he simply producing noise? To everyone’s surprise Madonna started fairly on time at 21.45. The crowd was really into the show and the true highlights were True Blue and La Vie En Rose. Although we did spot some people at the sounddesk of the press struggling to keep their eyes open. Madonna was her most chattiest yet, cracking jokes and extending every little talk throughout the show. She included a bit of Diamonds are a girls’ best friend as well. To our surprise Isaac Sinwani (from the COADF song ‘Isaac’ as well as the performance during the Confessions Tour) was one of the special guests sitting at the sounddesk and thoroughly enjoying the show. We were shocked though that he wasn’t the Unapologetic Bitch that evening! Madonna performed the 80’s medley, Who’s That Girl and Don’t Tell Me. During interlude S.E.X. a part of the set wasn’t coming up.

From all the three shows that we experienced in Belgium, this one had by far the best reception by the crowd but we won’t be surprised if the press still finds a way to bring the show into a negative light.