Four years ago today Madonna completed her two-night run at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam with her Rebel Heart Tour.

Unfortunately Madonna was in a grumpy mood and it showed throughout her performance. Madonna had been requesting ‘challenging reviews’ of the previous night written in the Dutch press. Word goes that Madonna fell out with Rocco right before Amsterdam and he flew back to London after the Berlin stop. This might have been one of the reasons she wasn’t in the best of moods. 

Dutch press had written things like ‘why doesn’t she just stand on stage and sing?’, ‘why always late on stage?’. During the gypsy section Madonna addressed these reviews and told everyone why we’re in the shithole that we’re in (see video below). This was also one of the few times Madonna failed to post anything on her Instagram for her entire Amsterdam stay, while usually she posted a shout-out to the country she’d just performed in. 

A lucky male fan was randomly picked from the crowd and was instructed during La Vie En Rose what to do and how to move. We were told Madonna had specifically requested for a man to be the bitch that night. 

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