The Mercedes Benz arena was packed!! It was much more crowded than it had been during the previous German shows in Cologne. She started around 9.50pm and we spotted Rocco walking around throughout the entire support act with his friend.

The crowd was much more into the show than in Cologne, people got up more, danced more and simply seemed to enjoy the show a lot more. M was in good spirits and performed the 80’s medley again followed by Secret (no Who’s That Girl) and ended this section with Rebel Heart.

Idris Elba (the DJ from the support act) was tonight’s unapologetic bitch. Madonna thanked the crowd for being ‘great’ and yes she even counted to ten in German, well rehearsed!

Another show tomorrow. One tiny bit of criticism towards the security at the arena, it seems that not all of their rules apply to every individual attending but only to selected ones and be careful with bringing camera’s, if they think you might be ‘filming’ with it you cannot bring it with you.