A lot of die hard fans have been queuing since yesterday afternoon at the Ziggo Dome where it is currently very windy and cold. People have been joining the queue ever since and number 80+ was reached in the very early hours of this morning. The gates were set up around 9 and wristbands for the Early Entry ticket holders have been handed out. There are people from the organisation there.

Live Nation once again urges everyone NOT to bring large bags and or rucksacks, handbags are fine. Do not bring food or drinks with you, this will hold up the queue and the searches at the entrance. Keep in mind that there is a football match at the same area today, so it will be very crowded. Keep this is mind when you come by car (parking might be an issue when you show up late).

DJ Lunice is scheduled to open at 20.00, Madonna is officially scheduled to appear at 21:00. But once again, remember that most of her shows have started around 21:45-22:15.

You can buy food and drinks inside the Ziggo Dome and it has lockers for you to store your stuff. Dutch press is invited to professionally photograph the first three songs tonight.

Enjoy the show!