IMG_0135We recently stumbled upon an old VHS tape dated 1991 containing the ‘unpolished’ version of Madonna’s ‘Truth or Dare’ aka ‘In Bed With Madonna’, also known as the ‘workprint’ with unfinished audio. This was very interesting and felt like watching it for the very first time. A lot of what is being said on film is different from the final version of the film, not only that but some of the things Madonna says has later been recorded again for better audio.

Not only is the audio different from the final version of the film, some angles in the performances are different. You have to have a very good eye to spot it, especially in ‘Keep It Together’ a lot of different camera angles are used towards the end. We have summed up some of the differences without going into too much detail (after all this is an unfinished product and wasn’t meant to be released)

  • The audio in the beginning where M swears at Keith, the microphone sound is extremely loud and PDP can’t barely be heard. The ‘she’s getting pissed’ bit is not there at all, this was added later
  • When performing Express Yourself, Madonna greets the audience in French and adds ‘Alright Paris’ instead of ‘America’
  • While dancing with Jose and Luis the ‘get up off the floor’ bit is missing, was added later
  • When the Oh Father performance ends the intro to PDP is there and can be heard while M rings her dad, in the final version this was left out
  • No ‘GOD?’ at the end of the Like a Virgin performance
  • Lots of bits have been audio recorded again such as the ‘I want privacy please’ and the footage at Madonna’s mother’s grave site
  • Madonna says something totally different in the Moira McFarland scene instead of ‘but if you think our family’s wacky….’
  • lots of untouched live vocals
  • Different camera angle towards the end of the Live To Tell performance
  • When she meets Antonio Banderas and goes to the bathroom with Niki and says ‘I’m putting my head in the toilet’, later recorded again. She says it in a totally different tone in the untouched version
  • In ‘Keep It Together’ she addresses Paris instead of ‘Europe’
  • The saying goodbye to Carlton was later recorded and added again
  • Lots of different camera angles in Keep It Together (see examples down below, all taken at the exact same time of the performance)
  • No end credits at all after ‘Keep It Together’ but instead goes directly to the ‘Alek cut it, cut it goddammit’
  • Lots of added sound effects (laughs, spit sounds, screams)