The Storyline Of Pose Season 2

It was recently revealed that the story of Pose Season 2 will take a one year leap. The first season lived in 1988. Hence, the narrative of the upcoming season will come to life from 1989. It will end by March of 1990. This was when Maddona’s Vogue led the ballroom culture into the mainstream. Hence, the new season will highlight the shimmery yet the darker side of the industry.

The story will enlighten the effects of the song on the mainstream. The bling of ballroom culture was unknown by the industry before Madonna came up. Audiences went crazy, and the sector somehow realized its importance. Hence, the upcoming season is expected to portray the same era with the brilliant cast from Season 1.

Also, Pose Season 2 will also focus on HIV-positive characters. Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) and Pray Tell (Billy Porter) have the fatal disease, and we will see them struggling with their lives in the new installment. The series may explore their stories after they succumb to AIDS.

Madonna To Play Herself In Pose Season 2

As hinted by showrunner Ralph Murphy, fans may get to see Madonna in the new season. The famous singer and actress may not just join the cast of the show, but she may also play herself. However, even after hinting her arrival, Murphy is yet to confirm her casting. Although, her followers are already excited by the news and look forward to seeing her in the favorite show.

Pose Season 2

However, if Madonna denies playing the part, Murphy will have to cast another actress to perform her role. It will be exciting to know who will play her character in Pose Season 2. Though, fans hope that they may get to see Madonna as herself in the new installment.

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